Rassilon has many gods and goddesses, though fewer than in ancient days. Far back in history, in a time before even the elves and dwarves were as children, the God War shook the very fabric of the universe. What started the war has been lost to the countless eons of time that have since passed, but legends and tales speak of a titanic struggle that ripped the stars from the heavens.

Unwilling to fight for survival purely with their own power, many gods of similar nature bonded together into gestalt entities of greater power. Thus where once there were gods of fi re, hearths, and volcanoes, there is now only a single god of fire, for example, though the sun remains a separate aspect.

Major Gods

Dargar – Lord of Terror
Eira – Mother of Life
Eostre – Allmother
Ertha – Earthmother
Freo – Restless One
Hela – The Vampire Queen
Hoenir – Wise One
Hothar – Sword of Justice
Kenaz – Burning One
Maera – Mistress of Magic
Nauthiz – Thief Lord
Neorthe – Lord of the Seas
Niht – Unseen One
The Norns – Fateweavers
Rigr – Guardian of Heaven
Scaetha – Gatekeeper
Sigel – Pure One
Thyrm – Eternal Winter
Thunor – Storm Lord
Tiw – Lord of Battle
Ullr – Master of the Wyld Hunt
The Unknowable One – Trickster
Vali – Plague-lord
Var – Master Merchant

Minor Gods


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