Hellfrost Five

Getting "Hero"ic!

Players: Matthew, Scott, Tony, and Jim
We did some sample combat and everyone got a handle on the Hero System’s combat. We saw that the Heroes are very potent together.

-I’m thinking about adding Heroic Action Points as soon as everyone gets a good feel for the system.

-A BIG concern of mine is the Aid being so valuable in combat, from STR:20 to STR:32 is a huge difference in play styles, as well as changes the Low Magic feel of the Campaign. This is like a spell of Ogre’s Strength, but we will try some way to work this out. Having 3 Buffs of 10.5avg Character Points up is very, very changing, That is 32.5 points. Around 18% of your total Costs, A Years Worth of XP! We will find some way to make this work.

-I want everyone to feel that their character does it wants to do, as well as having a special feel between the PCs. Feel free to talk to me about changing up your character before we start our first RP session on the first, or if you feel comfortable you can change it yourself.

-The goal of the new system is to have fun, not for extra math. It’s going to be kinda easy/hard for some of the fights in upcoming games because this is a new system for all of us, but I’ll be posting alot on this website about how some ways combats can go.


It looks like Tony will be playing Frostraven again, I will have to write some fluff about her fight against the Necromancer and his evil forces in the Bonewood. I’ll be posting it here. Last time we played, the HF5 (Helllfrost Five) stormed a ruined keep that was occupied by Orcs, on behalf of a local trapper. The party still is unaware of what the Orcs are doing here. We will have to find a way to phase out Lark and re-introduce Frostraven here.


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